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I specialize in narrative portrait photography and fashion look book/print photography with special attention to the story behind the person and/or clothing. I love to illustrate people's stories with portraiture and create conceptual narratives with my photography.

Mixed media has taken its place at the forefront of my artistic work. I use my portraiture and fashion photography as the foundation of my mixed media work, and build upon the photos using acrylic paint, watercolor paint, organic materials, paper from magazines, old books, newspapers, and many other types of recycled paper materials. Other techniques I employ include ink transfers and digital painting.

Part of what I love about using mixed media is the fact that I am repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded. I consider myself a steward of our environment and thus my use of these traditionally discarded items and materials is a statement to that purpose. When I am about to throw something in the garbage, I take another look at it and consider how it may be reused. Often, the answer is that it in fact does not belong in a dump. I encourage others to have the same presence of mind in their daily lives.


The focus of my work is portraiture, with an emphasis on telling stories through body language and eye contact. The work I do with mixed media takes my portraiture a step further, intimating deeper stories with texture, color and movement.

My first solo exhibition was held at The Studio@620 in St. Petersburg, FL, included 20 works of mixed media, and was attended by over 200 art lovers and collectors. I have also completed works for several group exhibitions and themed shows. 

My passion for art has led me in endless pursuit of techniques new and old. I studied under Jim Stone of the University of New Mexico at Penland School of Arts and Crafts in North Carolina. The class, “Photographing with the View Camera,” reawakened my passion for darkroom work and silver gelatin printing. I have also completed several design courses and am constantly seeking further education to cultivate my skills.

Wanderlust has taken me all over Europe, and Central and South America. I have lived in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Ecuador, New York, and North Carolina. I currently call St. Petersburg, FL home. Travel and exploration will inevitably continue to be a catalyst in my life and art, driving me to explore more of our extraordinary world.

I am a member of the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance and the Warehouse Arts District, and I am an active participant in the arts community of St. Petersburg. I also volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, Leadership St. Pete, and strive to help people and better my community whenever possible.

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