Mixed Media

Sustainable material selection and practice.

About Nikki's Work...

Nikki's work uses mixed media to tell stories about vulnerability and hope. 

Her mixed media portraiture evokes emotion, action, and movement. Her handmade paper series is textured, gentle, and thoughtful, dedicated to sustainability and evocative of the surprising colors and unique forms found in nature.


Over the years, I have developed my practice to  incorporate sustainable materials and techniques. I make my own paper out of scraps from my mixed media clippings, and I use water that I save from warming up my shower water. I constantly think about where my materials are coming from and how my work impacts the Earth. What we do now will have an impact on someone, probably not ourselves, so choose wisely because someone else will face the consequences of your actions.


Storytelling is so important to us as humans - it educates us, it enriches us, it makes us better in so many ways. Stories teach us about love, anger, compassion, vengeance, hope, humanity - the gamut of human emotion and reaction. Through stories, we can learn how to live better by example. This has become especially pertinent to me with the birth of my daughter.

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