Upcoming Exhibitions
11.16.17 - 8-11pm - "Locally Sourced" - an environmental art show - Morean Center for Clay

Solo Exhibitions
"Opus Rouge," The Studio@620, St. Petersburg, FL, July 2013

Past Exhibitions

"The Bends X Good Deeds," The Bends, St. Petersburg, FL, April, 2017

"Heroes vs. Villains," Black Amethyst Gallery @ Et Cultura Festival, St. Petersburg, FL, November, 2016

"Habitat for Humanity Upcycle Art Auction," Green Bench Brewery, St. Petersburg, FL, April, 2016

"Exposure: The Intimacy of Art," The Train Station at The Morean Center for Clay, St. Petersburg, FL, November, 2015

"Files and Film," Creative Soul Studio, St. Petersburg, FL, May 2015

"East West Popup Shop," Asheville, NC, August 2014

"Immersed," CityArts Factory, hosted by Orlando Aquarium Society, Orlando, FL, February 2014

"The Art of Women," The Oleson Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL, February 2014

"Collage," CityArts Factory, Orlando, FL, January 2014

"A Culmination Crimmus," The Oleson Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL, December 2013

"#giveart," Blue Lucy, St. Petersburg, FL, December 2013

"Duos," Blue Lucy, St. Petersburg, FL, October 2012

"Scratch the Surface," Blue Lucy, St. Petersburg, FL, May 2012

"Faces of Deck," The Bricks, Ybor City, FL, November 2011

"Time Warp," The Bricks, Ybor City, FL, September 2011

"Beast of the East," Sake Bomb, St. Petersburg, FL, August 2011

"Sanity Through Creativity," The Studio@620, St. Petersburg, FL, May 2011

"A Showing of Frights," Artful Living, St. Petersburg, FL, October 2010

Hampton Arts Management Microgrant, February 2013

Funky Fresh Magazine, "Creative Balance" Issue, September 2015
Kai' outi Magazine, "Sweet Surrender," February 2015
Kai' outi Magazine, Issue 3,"Mystic Dreams," May 2014
SEEK.me Magazine, Issue 14, May 2014
Ballad of UK, July 2013
Peppermint Magazine, Winter 2013
Unallied Magazine, October 2012
Cameraluv, July 2012
Creative Loafing Tampa, April 2011
Subercaseaux, Elizabeth, Een Week in Oktober, Cover, Amsterdam : Poema Pocket 2010
Canavan, Trudy, A Sacerdotisa da Luz, Cover, Portugal : Planeta 2010
Davies, Deborah Kay, True Things About Me, Cover, U.K.: Faber & Faber, Inc. 2010
Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art, Spring 2009
Ouroboros Review Literary Magazine, April 2009

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